One Door Closes, Another Opens

Posted: August 2, 2011 in Uncategorized

My name is Manoel Reichel and I am a futuremaker. I started on my college journey with one destination in mind, but rarely do we ever end up exactly where we thought. I think it’s in between where we think we are headed and where we end up that we learn and grow the most. The experiences and hurdles I’ve been through and have had to overcome have made me a stronger person, and have prepared me for a future of success.

It was easy for me to feel like I was alone after I left UW-Madison and the uncertainty of my future weighed on me. I was always certain I was going to get my Bachelors degree, and so when that goal started to disappear I felt defeated. I had to figure out what I really wanted to do and how I could steer myself back on track to the goals I had once envisioned.

I looked to the technical college to help me gain a new and more positive outlook on where I was headed. The perspective I was given gave me a chance to believe in myself again, and when I was given hope, that’s when I knew I could start achieving.

Life is full of the unexpected; sometimes negative, and sometimes positive. I’ve learned you can’t look at those unforeseen situations as permanent roadblocks but as opportunities to making the best of the situation. The technical college ended up being one of the best unexpected detours in my life thus far. What you perceive failures as can end up being one of the most rewarding experiences and situations presented to you.

The opportunities that presented themselves to me were continuous as I continued to succeed academically, in my jobs and my internships. It was over a year ago that I began my internship with the Wisconsin Technical College System and the knowledge I gained is invaluable. My leadership skills became enhanced as well as my ability to market ideas and strategize. My ability to build relationships and communicate at multiple levels was strengthened through this internship experience and will help to ensure the success of my future endeavors. My goal of getting my Bachelor’s degree is back in reach and I could not have envisioned it again without the support of the technical college.

As my time with the Wisconsin Technical College comes to an end, I think of all those who are just beginning their journey at one of the 16 technical colleges. Your future is full of possibility and opportunity. Your college experience will be what you put into it, so don’t be afraid to get involved on campus, or take part in student jobs. Your time at the technical college will set you up for success in the real world and provide you with the chance to be futuremaker!

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