Fall 2010 Classes

International Marketing

  • Students explores how marketing strategies and tactics must be managed and adapted for success in different cultural, economic, geographic and political environments around the world. Students will develop marketing and management skills and perspectives in order to work effectively in the global marketplace.

Social Media Campaigns

  • Social Media has transformed Advertising from a long-term Mass medium to a one-to-one communication utilizing almost instant feedback. How businesses are using Social Media as advertising tools as well as how to create and deploy a Social Media Campaign will be the main focus of this class. Additionally, the history and development of Social Medias such as Facebook, YouTube, Twitter and LinkedIn will be explored as well as the many ethical and potential legal concerns that have arisen over these new forms of communication. Finally, the concept of Viral Marketing will be examined and how it allows a Social Message to explode a message to millions of users in a brief time.

Publicity & Promotion Strategy

  • This course further explores the elements of the promotions mix-public relations, sales promotion, media buying and sponsorship/sports marketing. Flexibility is built into the course to allow for additional time to cover specific types of promotion such as trade shows and/or other popular techniques of promotion.

Marketing Trends and Topics

  • This course content changes from semester to semester and is based on the hottest and most important marketing trends and topics. Students will hear from industry leaders, explore cutting-edge theories and practices and have an opportunity to explore trends in which they have a particular interest.

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